Blast furnace taphole clay must have the following properties:

1) Easy to open holes, when the tap hole needs to be tapped, the sintered gun mud in the tap hole can be easily drilled through the hole, and the iron can be tapped in time;

(2) It is easy to plug the tap hole. When the tap hole is completed, the tap hole can be blocked in a short time, and sufficient mud volume can be ensured to maintain a stable tap depth;

(3) Good adhesion. The new gun mud in the hole should have good adhesion with the old gun mud in the hole, so that the new and old gun mud form a whole to prevent the existence of gaps. Iron seepage, slag seepage, impact on tapping and safety accidents in front of the furnace;

What are the characteristics of blast furnace taphole clay?

(4) Good sinterability. The shot mud can be sintered to different degrees in the three temperature stages of low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. The iron hole is blocked in time, and a large enough mud bag is formed in the hearth at the same time. Play the role of protecting the hearth lining bricks.

(5) It has good jet scouring and corrosion resistance, so that the tap hole diameter is not sharply expanded, and the tapping time is guaranteed to be 150 to 180 minutes/time, which reduces the labor intensity in front of the furnace and reduces the consumption of materials in front of the furnace.

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