What are the characteristics of silicon carbide sealing ring

1. High temperature resistance

Due to the properties of silicon carbide materials, silicon carbide sealing rings have high temperature resistance. The high temperature resistance is different according to different processes. Reaction sintered silicon carbide seal ring can be used at 1300 degrees, while pressureless sintered silicon carbide seal ring can reach 1600 degrees.

2. Corrosion resistance

Silicon carbide sealing ring can be used in acid-base environment, and its sealing effect will not be reduced.

3. Wear resistance

The silicon carbide sealing ring can achieve high-precision smoothness through certain finishing process. In addition, the wear resistance of silicon carbide material, so the silicon carbide sealing ring can be used to rub against each other. At high temperature, the wear performance does not decrease. High alumina refractory

4. Plasticity

As long as silicon carbide material has a certain process, it can be pressed into blanks of various shapes, and can be processed for the second time to shape the products needed by customers.

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