Refractory castable is a refractory mixture composed of refractory aggregate, fine powder, additives and binder. Therefore, what are the common classifications of castables?

Refractory castables are usually classified according to the size of porosity, selected binder or combination mode, type of aggregate and construction mode.

It can be divided into dense refractory castable and thermal insulation refractory castable according to porosity.

According to the classification of cementation mode, refractory castables can be divided into four types: hydrated bonded refractory castables, chemically bonded (including polymerization bonded) refractory castables, hydrated and polymerized refractory castables (typically low cement bonded refractory castables) and agglomerated bonded refractory castables.

According to the special functions of binders and some materials, they can be divided into the following 7 categories:

(1) Clay bonded refractory castable;

(2) Ultra fine powder (such as silica fume) combined with refractory castable;

(3) Cement bonded refractory castable;

(4) Chemically bonded refractory castable;

(5) P- Al2O3(hydrated Al2O3) bonded refractory castable;

(6) Low cement bonded refractory castable;

(7) silicon and aluminum sol (sol gel) combined with refractory castables.

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