What are the factors affecting the service life of refractory bricks?

1. Physical action: generally refers to dry and wet change, temperature change, freeze-thaw cycle, etc. These effects will make the volume of refractory brick change or cause the expansion of internal cracks, and gradually destroy the material.

2. Chemical action: including the erosion of aqueous solutions of acids, alkalis, salts and other substances and harmful gases, which will gradually deteriorate and then destroy the materials.

3. Biological action: refers to the invasive action of fungi and insects, including the destruction of materials due to moth and decay. Therefore, the durability of materials is actually a measure of the nature that materials can maintain their original properties for a long time and ensure safe and normal use under the above effects. In practical engineering, refractory bricks are often affected by a variety of damage factors at the same time. The content of durability varies with the quality of materials.

4. Refractory bricks are often affected by some or comprehensive factors such as chemical action, dissolution, freeze-thaw, wind erosion, temperature difference, humidity difference and friction. Their durability indicators more include the requirements of frost resistance, weathering resistance, impermeability and wear resistance. The durability of the same material is not invariable.

The above are the factors affecting the durability of refractory bricks. Pay attention to the correct storage and selection of raw materials when producing refractory bricks, and pay attention to its service environment during use, so as to greatly reduce the change of durability and prolong the service life of bricks.

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