Tabular corundum is an excellent refractory material. Tabular corundum is made of alumina as raw material. After being smelted at a high temperature in a shaft kiln and the opening is cooled down, it grows into plate-shaped crystals and then is ground and dried.

Characteristics of slab corundum:

1. The refractoriness is greater than 1800 degrees, and its melting point is as high as 2050 degrees.

2. It has a large crystalline and well-developed α-Al2O3 crystal structure, which greatly improves the creep resistance of the tabular corundum.

3. Plate-like crystal structure, small open pores, low porosity, low water absorption; more closed pores inside, good thermal shock resistance and anti-stripping performance.

4. Since no additives are added in the production process, the purity is high, the volume stability is good, and the reheating shrinkage is relatively small.

The use of slab corundum:

1. Refractory bricks, refractory ceramics, etc.;

2. Ceramic deburring, surface treatment, etc.;

3. Wear-resistant coatings, fire-resistant coatings, wear-resistant machinery, etc.;

4. Smelting, casting, steel mills, power plants, etc.;

5. Refractory materials, furnace charges, aggregates, castables, ramming materials, plastics, holding materials, projecting materials, spray coatings, vibrating materials, refractory slurries, etc.

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