Black corundum is also called low-aluminum corundum, a new type of derivative in the production of brown corundum. It is made of three-water type and one-water type bauxite as raw materials through high-temperature smelting and cooling in an electric arc furnace.

Characteristics of black corundum

Black corundum has low Al2O3 content and a certain amount of Fe2O3, so it has the characteristics of moderate hard bottom, high toughness, high temperature resistance, and stable thermal performance.

ØIt has good cohesiveness and hydrophilicity, which is convenient for grinding disc; Less blockage during grinding, less heat, and the workpiece will not burn;

ØStrong self-sharpening, high work efficiency, no scratches on the machined surface, higher polishing cleanness;

ØBetter than brown corundum The polishing ability is more than doubled, and the polishing cleanliness is improved by more than two.

Application of black corundum

Common grinding wheel material, used for grinding non-ferrous metals. Black corundum abrasive has concentrated basic materials, strong cutting force, high toughness, rigidity and flexibility, and good wear resistance. A super hard material, the hardness is second only to diamond.

It is mostly used for free grinding, such as rough grinding before product electroplating. It is mainly used for polishing and sandblasting stainless steel, metal products, optical glass, bamboo and wood products. It is also a novel abrasive for manufacturing resin grinding wheels, cutting discs, and gauze. Suitable for processing super-hard materials or high-speed processing.

Black corundum grain sand and fine powder are particularly suitable for grinding and polishing stainless steel workpieces and the manufacture of grinding paste and oilstone. It is also the material of choice for storage under coal mines and anti-skid pavement.

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