What kind of refractory castable is considered a high-quality castable?

What kind of refractory castable is considered a high-quality castable

There are many standards for high-quality refractory castables. The most important thing is that it is suitable for use at temperature, condenses well during construction, and has high strength in later use, especially in extremely harsh environments. Can be regarded as high-quality indeterminate material.

What kind of refractory castable is considered a high-quality castable?

In terms of details, it depends on the matrix of the refractory castable, that is, the quality of the raw material. During the production process of the castable, the particle size ratio is also very important. Proportioning science is the first condition for stable quality.The refractory castable should have relatively high strength and wear resistance. The castable should not be added to the amount of cement too much. If the amount of cement is too much, the calcium content is too high, and the later use strength will be affected. In addition, the castable should not be added with too much water. Adding too much water demand will affect the coagulation and curing, and also affect the high temperature strength.

The quality of the castable will vary in different use environments. In actual use, it depends on the size, temperature and erosion of the furnace lining. Wear-resistant castables should be used for severe erosion, acid-resistant castables should be used for castables with too heavy flue gas, and magnesia castables should be used if the temperature is too high and the atmosphere is alkaline. Therefore, different casting materials are used in different situations, and the high-quality performance is also determined according to the different situations of different series.

Among the unshaped materials, there are spray paints, plastics, and smear materials. Spray coatings must be used in furnace linings in the metallurgical industry, and it is also a high-quality grade based on different temperatures. Plastics and smears are generally used for repairing. Of course, the quality is determined according to different materials and different qualities.

But no matter what kind of refractory castable material, fluidity is the most critical. Without fluidity, the castable cannot be used. The fluidity is poor, the cold flexural strength is poor, and it cannot be constructed at all, even if it is constructed, it cannot be condensed. Therefore, fluidity can be said to be the most important performance for castables to evaluate the quality of castables.

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