What should I pay attention to when using semi coke?The following points should be paid attention to when making half focus:

  1. Semi coke should have rainproof measures during storage to avoid damp rain.
  2. Stove that uses semi coke should not communicate with the bedroom as much as possible to prevent gas poisoning.
  3. During the use of semi coke, regularly clean the flue to ensure the full combustion of semi coke.
  4. Add enough coal at one time. Add coal in the middle and late period of combustion to prevent the furnace temperature from being too low and extinguishing the fire.
  5. The height and diameter of the chimney must be ensured, and the chimney interface and the chimney itself must not leak (the chimney is too low or too thin will cause the heating furnace to not burn normally, seal the fire and extinguish the fire, etc.).
  6. Adjust the size of the air inlet on the dust removal door according to the situation when sealing the furnace, to prevent the situation that the fire can not be sealed or extinguished when the furnace is sealed.
  7. If a chimney hat is added, the hat should be more than 50 cm away from the mouth of the chimney.

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