What’s Unshaped refractories? what are their characteristics

Product introduction

Unshaped refractories are wet, semi-wet, or dry, composed of refractory aggregates (aggregate and powder) with a certain particle gradation, binders and admixtures, which can be directly used to construct or repair industrial kilns The refractory of the lining body is called unshaped refractory. The sintered shaped refractory products are different. The lining of this type of material can be used to form a seamless integral lining. Therefore, in Europe and the United States, it is called a jointless refractory, or integral refractory. Since the preparation process and construction method of such materials are similar to ordinary construction concrete, it is also called refractory concrete in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Unshaped refractories have the following characteristics

The preparation process is simple and has a high rate.

It has strong adaptability and can be made into any shape without being restricted by the structure and shape of the industrial kiln during use.

It has good integrity, good air tightness and large thermal resistance, which can reduce the heat loss of industrial furnaces and save energy.

It is convenient for mechanized construction, saving labor and time.

It is easy to repair the damaged lining of industrial furnace with unshaped refractory, which can prolong the service life of the lining and reduce the consumption of refractory.

A mixture composed of refractory aggregates, binders and admixtures, mixed with water (or liquid binder) into a mud that can be constructed by pouring method is called refractory castable, and the difference from other unshaped refractories lies in refractory castable construction After it has a certain setting and hardening time, it needs a certain time of curing after casting to be demoulded, and then after a proper time of natural curing, it can be used for baking.

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