People pay attention to the ash content first in the index inspection of electrode paste, and should be updated to pay attention to the specific resistance first. Because the purpose of the electrode paste is to make conductive materials, the specific resistance should be paid attention to first when examining the indicators of conductive materials. Although there is a certain correlation between ash content and specific resistance, it is not always positive. The relationship between ash content and specific resistance is affected by many factors, such as material itself, ash content, processing temperature, material ratio, product density, etc. That is, the same material (the same ash content) also has different specific resistance at different temperatures. Electrode paste is a relatively simple product in the production of carbon products, but their production links are basically the same from the calcination of raw materials to crushing, screening and the front-end of ingredients. Moreover, it is very important to directly affect the output of finished products, the cost of production, and the final quality of products; And the scale, investment and cycle of capital construction. In order to obtain good products and control the performance of products, regular carbon production enterprises with scale must first break and screen the calcined carbon raw materials, store the materials separately according to various particle sizes, then design the formula according to the use, variety and specification of the products, and strictly measure the ingredients according to the formula. In order to obtain good products, ensure the good performance of products and ensure the use of products. This is the main task of the medium crushing batching process. This process mainly has several forms in terms of the layout of process equipment.

One plane layout: all intermediate crushing equipment, screening equipment, grinding equipment and storage bin are in one plane. It is basically manual operation, with poor environment and high labor intensity. This arrangement is mainly for small enterprises and manufacturers with small output. The process is simple and the investment is small. It is not suitable for large-scale production requirements and environmental protection requirements. It belongs to the extensive production mode. It is characterized by small investment, high labor intensity, high pollution and low efficiency. In today’s people-oriented and environment-friendly social environment, small factories should also improve the method of eliminating this kind of medium crushing material layout..

Batching process equipment for electrode paste production

Two dimensional layout: this layout mainly uses the gravity of materials for process layout. First, after the materials are crushed in the crusher as required, they are lifted to a certain height by the material lifting equipment, and then gravity is used to enter the bin, and then the screening equipment is used to screen and classify the materials, and store them separately. Enter the grinding equipment for grinding and storage. Continue to use gravity to carry out batching according to the process formula, complete the task of medium crushing batching process, and achieve the purpose of preparing for the next process.

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