Introduction of Carbon Block

Carbon block is a kind of carbonaceous refractory material made from coke, anthracite or graphite and tar as raw materials after being mixed and shaped, and burned to 1450℃ in reducing flame. The carbon mass fraction is 88% to 90%. It can resist the erosion of molten metal and various slag, but it is easy to be oxidized. It’s used for masonry bottom and hearth of blast furnace.

Carbon Block

Semi-graphite Carbon Block

Semi-graphite carbon block uses electric calcined, low-ash content, semi-graphitized anthracite coal and silicon carbide as primary material. The production process include high-speed vibration, high-pressure compression, high temperature baking and final finishing. The advantages of semi-graphite baked carbon block include good erosion resistance and good thermal conductivity.

Half graphitic carbon block

It is made of high temperature electrical calcined anthracite as main raw material,medium temperature pitch as binder,through forming, high temperature baking,final precision machining

It features high thermal conductivity and alkaline resistance. It is economic and practical and mainly applied for blast furnace bottom.

Carbon Block

Semi-graphite Carbon Block Specifications

Bulk Density: 1.50 g/cm3
Apparent Porosity: 18%
Compressive Strength: 30Mpa
Bending Strength: 7.8Mpa
Ash: 8%
Thermal Conductivity(800 ) 7w/(m-k)

Advantages of Our Products

Carbon block Group offers a complete portfolio of blast furnace technology, meeting the highest demands of plant performance, operational reliability and environmental compatibility. Our Carbon Block is made of high quality calcined anthracite under high temperature as well as other additives, by extruding, baking and processing. Typical properties have high thermal conductivity, high micro-pore porosity and good permeability.These properties may reduce erosion to the body of the blast furnace, and avoid iron liquid erosion and permeability.

Carbon Block

Application Field of Carbon Block

Carbon blocks are not only widely used in the metallurgical industry, but also in aluminum electrolytic cells. In addition, it is widely used in pickling tanks and electroplating tanks in the electroplating industry, dissolution tanks in the paper industry, reaction tanks and storage tanks in the chemical industry, furnaces (or equipment lining) in the ferroalloy industry, and smelting non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum and lead) , Tin, etc.).

Scope of application: metallurgical industry, chemical industry.

Special Note for Carbon Block

Carbon block has good thermal stability, small coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature resistance, resistance to various acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents, but it is easily oxidized in an oxidizing atmosphere.

Carbon Block

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