The causes of electrode hard break are as follows:

1) The electrode paste contains too much ash, more impurities and less volatile, resulting in premature sintering or poor adhesion, resulting in hard electrode breaking;

2) Many times of hot furnace shutdown, and no protective measures were taken during power failure, resulting in electrode cracking and sintering stratification, resulting in electrode hard break;

3) There is a lot of dust falling into the electrode shell, which is not cleaned after power transmission, resulting in electrode stratification and hard broken electrode;

4) When the power failure time is long, the exposed part of the electrode is not well protected by the charge, and the electrode is seriously oxidized, resulting in hard broken electrode;

5) After a long time of power failure, the electrode is lifted during power transmission, resulting in mechanical strain of the electrode and hard break;

6) If the electrode is placed too long, too much tension caused by the dead weight will also cause the electrode to be hard broken;

7) The air volume in the electrode cylinder is small, and the cooling water in the conductive jaw plate is too small, resulting in excessive melting of the electrode, which affects the sintering strength of the electrode and causes hard breaking of the electrode.

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