Needle coke market remained stable this week

Needle coke companies have started production steadily, and downstream purchases are on-demand. The industry as a whole is operating well. Recently, the price of petroleum coke, the raw material, has continued to rise, and the cost pressure of oil-based needle coke companies has increased. Superimposed companies have sufficient orders to ship well, so the price-setting psychology has gradually increased.

As for coal-based needle coke, the raw material coal tar pitch is operating weakly. Under the influence of various factors such as the epidemic, weather, electricity curtailment, and production restrictions, market supply and demand are both weak, and support for coal-based needle coke is limited, but downstream demand has performed well. Therefore, The prices of coal-based needle coke manufacturers have stabilized.

The strong operation of the downstream graphite electrode and anode material market provides strong benefits to the needle coke market, and the needle coke market is more enthusiasm for production when the demand of the downstream industry is expected to be better.

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