Affected by the price increase of petroleum coke and calcined coke, the market for calcined coke recarburizers and graphitized recarburizers went up this week. As coke prices continue to rise and the supply is tight, the production of recarburizers is also at a low level, and there are many epidemics. Under the control, automobile transportation is restricted and market liquidity is weak.

In terms of general calcined coal recarburizers, prices are consolidating at a high level due to the strong coal market. Environmental inspections in Ningxia, under the dual-carbon target, the production of carbon companies continues to be limited, and coal supply is tight. Quotations continue to be firm.

Demand is dominated by rigid demand. Due to insufficient market supply, companies currently focus on maintaining long-term cooperation orders and orders from old customers. Under the condition of small margins, the acceptance of new orders is not high. Under the situation of tight supply and stable demand, the company has a market outlook mentality. positive.

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