1. Pay attention to the recycling of graphite electrodes. Graphite electrodes are sometimes used, sometimes new, and the prices are quoted separately!
  2. The issue of price management for the recycling of waste graphite electrodes. The commodities used by graphite electrode scrap steel manufacturers are sometimes directly processed through bidding and auction, and sometimes they are trading companies for business. The price of waste graphite as an electrode material is negotiated, and the price is on the market. The recycling price is too high and the cost is absolutely necessary!
  3. Due to geographical and geographical environmental issues, freight and travel expenses are very different. The accounting department must have clear cost accounting, which is very important!
  4. The payment management method for recycling waste graphite electrodes. The mainstream way of cash transactions, sometimes transaction checks, bank acceptance!
  5. The manufacturer of the waste graphite electrode, the quality management of the graphite electrode material itself, and the severity of damage!

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