In the submerged electric furnace, the electrode is the “heart” of the submerged electric furnace, and the quality of the electrode paste directly affects the production of the product. The electrode is made of self-baking electrode paste as the primary raw material and baked by the producer of the submerged electric furnace. The quality of the paste and the operating level of the producer of the submerged electric furnace affect the quality of the electrode. Electrodes play the role of conducting current and converting electrical energy into heat in the submerged electric furnace.

In industrial production, electric current is input into the furnace through electrodes to generate an electric arc, and the electric arc is mainly used to release heat and temper the product at high temperature.

The effectiveness of the production and operation of the submerged electric furnace directly depends on whether the electrode is in normal operation. If the electrode has problems, such as hard break, soft break, too short, too long, cracking, leakage, stabbing, etc., it will affect the product. The normal production of the plant will sometimes cause a shutdown of several hours or even a few days. In serious cases, personal accidents may occur, which is a great waste of manpower, material resources and financial resources.