The raw material is the key technical element that determines the basic functional characteristics of the carbon material, and the performance of the raw material determines the performance of the manufactured carbon material. For the production of UHP and HP graphite electrodes, high-quality needle coke is the first choice.

However, only the quality of raw materials, lack of relevant elements of equipment, technology, management and technical know-how, will not produce the same quality as UHP and HP graphite electrodes.

Although the industrialized social production of needle coke in China is later than that of foreign research companies, the economy has developed rapidly in recent years and has begun to take shape. In terms of total production resources, it can basically meet the needs of Chinese carbon companies to produce UHP and HP graphite electrodes. Need for the amount of needle coke.

However, compared with foreign companies, there is still a gap in quality needle coke. Fluctuations affect the performance of mass production of large-size UHP and HP high-quality needle coke graphite electrodes, especially the joint production of graphite electrode joints and the use of high-quality needle coke.