What is graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer

Graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer is to place petroleum coke in a graphitization furnace. After a high temperature of up to 3000 degrees, the amorphous chaotic structure carbon crystal of the petroleum coke is transformed into hexagonal mylonite structure cr [...]

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What is calcined coal recarburizer steelmaking

There are many types of cast steel (steel-making) recarburizers. Generally, large steel mills will choose a variety of recarburizers according to different steel grades. However, the general materials are calcined coal or graphite balls, and natural graphite is al [...]

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What is low nitrogen recarburizer

The composition of the recarburizer should be distinguished by the amount of nitrogen. What level of nitrogen content to choose is very important! ! ! Now take the example of adding more than 50-60% of the scrap steel to the induction furnace to smelt synthetic ca [...]

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What is a high-quality graphite recarburizer?

A good graphitized recarburizer should also have the characteristics of high carbon, fast decomposition rate and high absorption rate;A good graphitizing recarburizer has very low harmful elements and has the characteristics of low sulfur and low nitrogen;Graphite [...]

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What are the features of recarburizers

The characteristics of the recarburizer itself is to select pure carbon-containing graphitized substances to reduce excessive impurities in the pig iron. The appropriate selection of the recarburizer can reduce the production cost of castings. There are many kinds [...]

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