Graphite electrode usage guideGraphite electrodes are artificially made brittle materials, which have special requirements for storage and use. Therefore, the correct operation method helps to ensure the normal use of the product.

  1. Special tools should be used for graphite electrode hoisting. It is forbidden to use crowbars during transportation to prevent collision damage during transportation.
  2. The graphite electrode shall not be exposed to rain, snow or water, and shall be kept dry. If it is found to be damp, it should be dried before use, the temperature should not exceed 100℃, and the drying time should not be less than 48h.
  3. Do not stack them near clay, slag and other debris to avoid contamination of the graphite electrode surface.
    Affect the conductive effect.
  4. Before connecting the graphite electrode, carefully check whether the electrode connector is in good condition, and the thread of the connector is Whether it is damaged, whether the connector bolt is lost, when the electrode is hoisted, the thread of the grounding terminal electrode connector should be prevented from being damaged.
  5. The dust and debris in the joints and joint holes should be blown clean with compressed air.
  6. The graphite electrode should be tightly connected, and it is not allowed to tilt when connecting, and a torque plate should be used
    Hand, prevent excessive or small force, the gap should not be greater than 0.4mm.
  7. The electrode holder should be clamped, not loose and in good contact, and no arc should be generated.
    Otherwise, the connection will become red and oxidize sharply and break off.
  8. If the metal lifting plug is used to lift the electrode, the thread in the connector hole must not be damaged. Hoisting
    After that, the lifting plug should be unscrewed to prevent dust and debris from falling into the joint hole
  9. When the electrode lifting device of the electric furnace is running, it should be kept stable. After the furnace cover is repaired, it should be
    Check whether the position of the furnace cover is correct. During smelting, use refractory materials to seal the lid of the electric furnace to prevent the flame in the furnace from oxidizing the upper electrode.
  10. The holder should be clamped outside the safety line of the electrode joint hole area
  11. When distributing the molten pool, the big pieces are on the bottom and the small pieces are on the top. Do not place the charge with poor conductivity on the top. During melting, the unmelted charge should be processed in time to prevent the collapsed material from hitting the electrode.

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