The development of economy also promotes the progress of the casting market. In recent years, due to its own advantages and the increasingly mature casting technology, many manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for casting materials. For example, the characteristics and quality of high strength, high toughness and high plasticity of some difficult castings must be reflected. Therefore, some large thick walled ductile iron castings have strict requirements for the internal and external quality of castings, which makes it difficult to produce.

The high-quality carburizing agent determines the quality of the carburized molten iron and also affects the nucleation ability of the molten iron in the crystallization process. When selecting the carburizing agent, priority should be given to selecting the high-quality graphitization carburizing agent.

Improving production quality of ball milled cast iron with carburizing agent

In order to reduce or suppress the influence of interfering elements in raw materials on the properties and structures of castings, the selection and use of raw materials are very strict. It is believed that the characteristics and solidification behavior of carburized cast iron depend on the structural characteristics of carburizing agent. Finally, it is found that obtaining high-quality molten iron through carburizing process is an option for producing high-quality ductile iron. Selecting high-quality carburizing agents has become a top priority task for many foundry industries.

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