The new type of electrode paste is made of refined raw coal, desulfurizer, combustion-supporting agent and other materials. It is made through fine washing, desulfurization, and vacuum stirring mechanisms. It can be processed into rectangles, squares, oval shapes and other shapes according to user needs. Weight of lumpy product.

The product has the following characteristics (compared with natural lump coal):

1. Uniform particle size and regular shape;

2. The void ratio is high, and the reaction activity is high;

3. The thermal efficiency is 20% higher than that of raw coal;

4. Reduce emissions of hazardous substances by 40%;

5. The broken rate is reduced by 30%;

6. Reduce the screening process.

In the process of vigorously promoting new energy production, the new electrode paste will be a new type of environmentally friendly product that replaces raw coal, especially for smelting enterprises, 20%-30% of electrode paste can be added to reduce the amount of coke and greatly reduce smelting cost. This product is suitable for use in various kilns in the chemical, building materials, metallurgy, machinery, food, electronics and other industries. It has artificial clean “lump coal” with physical and chemical properties.

New energy electrode paste airtight paste

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