Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) as Carbon Additive/Carbon Raiser/Carburant

Product Type: Carbon Additive

Material: Anthracite coal Metallurgical coke

Size: 0-1mm 1-3mm 1-5mm 3-8mm 5-10mm 5-20mm or other

Packaging Details:Export packing by Ton bag

Lead Time:15 days after we receive your deposit


The calcined petroleum coke recarburizer is produced in the smelting furnace after forging at a temperature of more than 1500 ℃, and the carbon content is about 98.5%. Used as a recarburizer in the metallurgical industry.

Advantages of Our Calcined Petroleum Coke

  1. Rongxing Group specializes in sieving various sizes of calcined coke with sizes of 1-3mm, 1-5mm, 1-10mm, 1-20mm, etc.;
  2. It can be custom-made according to the needs to sievie various types of sponge calcined coke;
  3. We mainly produce low-sulfur calcined petroleum coke e and medium sulfur calcined petroleum coke with large inventory;
  4. The monthly supply is about 5,000 tons with fast delivery.
  5. High carbon content, low ash, sulfur, phosphorus, high mechanical strength.


The main uses of calcined petroleum coke are prebaked anodes and anode pastes used in electrolytic aluminum, carbonizers for the carbon industry, graphite electrodes, smelting industrial silicon, and fuels.


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