Cylindrical Electrode Paste

Materials: calcined anthracite, CPC, anode scrap, coal tar pitch, coal tar, graphite powder.

Shape: Cylindrical

Uses: Used to make various alloys, such as ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrosilicon manganese, nickel alloys, chromium alloys, etc.

Packaging Details: According to customer requirements.

Delivery Detail:  Within 7~15 working days after payment



The electrode paste is dehydrated and melted by petroleum coke and pitch coke in a melting tank, and proportionally added to the kneading pot and kneaded, then molded and calcined.

Physical and chemical indexes of electrode paste

  1. V.M 9-16%
  2. Ash is less than 2
  3. Sulfur content below 1.5
  4. Compressive strength: the national standard is greater than 18; Our product is around 24.
  5. Resistivity below 70
  6. Bulk density: national standard is greater than 1.38, ours is above 1.45
  7. Extensibility: National Standard 20-40, ours is around 30
  8. Softening point: varies according to the parameters required by the customer’s furnace.
  9. Low ash and high carbon content

Advantages of Our Electrode Paste

  • Customization according to the customer’s equipment and the type of ferroalloy being produced; private customization.
  • With the most advanced technology, production technology and testing technology.
  • Professional after-sales service technical support and QC team.
  • The factory is in a good position and has all kinds of high-quality raw materials which can  produce electrode paste.


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