Ferroalloy production uses low ash semi-coke

Semi-coke is a new type of carbon material made from high-grade Jurassic coal. It can replace some metallurgical coke to produce ferroalloy products. Blue charcoal is also used in smelting.



Semi-coke is light black, with high fixed carbon, high resistivity, high chemical activity, low ash, low sulfur and low phosphorus.

Advantage of our semi coke

  • High fixed carbon (84% min.)
  • Low ash (9% max.)
  • Low Phosphorus (0.02% max.)
  • Low Sulfur (0.4%max.)
  • high specific resistance
  • high chemical activity
  • High conductivity to lower the electric power
  • Reduce pollution


  • Semi coke powder can be used in blast furnace instead of coal injection in steel-making .
  • 0-6mm semi coke can be used for sintering Mn ore in process of production SiMn; or using in other sinter mill.
  • 6-18mm semi coke can be used in producing Ferronickel , Ferrosilicon ,Calcium Carbide and other ferroalloys.
  • In industry, it is used in the fields of chemical industry, smelting, gas production, etc., and in civil use, it is used for heating and barbecue.
  • Application fields include clean fuel, coke field, metallurgy field, chemical industry field, adsorbent field.


Additional information


6-40mm(Various size ranges)

Fixed Carbon

85% min

Moisture :

12% max


0.40% max


0.020% max

Ash(Dry basis)

9.0% max

Volatile Matter (dry basis)

4.0% max


18% max


80% min

Reactivity(1100 C degree/%)

3000-5000 degree/%Ω

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