Electric calcined coal

Electric calcined coal is made by using electric furnace at high temperature. It has the characteristics of low ash, low sulfur, low phosphorus, high calorific value and high compressive strength. It is an indispensable main material for the production of electrodes and various aluminum blocks.

Parameters Table

Resistanc <500uΩm Ash <6%
V.M <1% Sulphur 0.3%
Moisture <0.5%    


The difference between ordinary calcined coal and electric calcined coal

General calcined coal

Normally calcined coal is the high fixed carbon content of fine washed anthracite after calcining. It is calcined in a high-quality fine washed anthracite calciner at 1240°C. It can remove impurities such as sulfur, moisture and volatiles during the production process. With high strength, accurate physical and chemical indicators

The characteristics of ordinary calcined materials:

1 The particle size is moderate, the specific gravity is high, and the absorption rate is fast.

2 Pure chemical composition, high carbon, low sulfur, harmful components and micro, high absorption rate.

Parameters Table

Fixed Carbon >90% Ash content <6%
V.M <2% Sulphur 0.19%
Moisture <2%    

By comparison, we can find that electric forging coal has better indicators, lower volatilization and lower ash content. And the most important thing is that the electrical resistance of forged coal can reach 500 or less. This feature allows the forged coal to meet the requirements of the electrode paste or the anode of the electrolytic cell.

Rongxin carbon electrode paste production uses high-quality electric forging coal as raw material, and the performance of electric forging coal electrode paste is better. The submerged arc furnace using our Rongxin electrode paste has never had an electrode hard-breaking accident. Although the cost of electric forging coal is higher than that of ordinary calcined coal, it is worthwhile to meet the safety production needs of customers.

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