The price of mid-range magnesia has increased slightly this week, and the rest of the products have maintained a stable operation. Under continuous environmental inspections, the environmental protection requirements of the current magnesia-producing enterprises meet the standards. At the same time, the investigation and punishment of over-limit and overloading of freight vehicles has continued. Liaoning Province is targeting the magnesite industry. The rectification of the country continues unswervingly. At present, the price of mid-range magnesia is concentrated at 2500-2650 yuan/ton, an increase of 100 yuan/ton from the beginning of the week.

The magnesia market has been operating in a weak position for a long time. The spot inventory of some products in the market is high, and the overall downstream demand is not much. Therefore, the bargaining power of magnesia enterprises in the seller’s market is not high, and the price is difficult to rise, especially in the fused magnesia market. Obviously, because the fused magnesia market is less affected by environmental inspections, enterprises have accumulated more inventories under uninterrupted production, and the fused magnesia market is obviously weak due to oversupply and weak demand.

The downstream steel market still maintains a weak operation trend. The steel market has superimposed environmental protection inspections and production restriction policies in the off-season, steel mills have started cautiously, and demand for magnesia refractory products is not high; while the cement market has rebounded recently, with heavy rains and high temperatures. After the reduction, terminal infrastructure projects have been launched one after another, and the demand for cement has increased, but cement manufacturers have limited operations, so the demand for magnesia products is relatively general; the glass market has strong support for the magnesia market, and the glass market continues to operate strongly, and enterprise production starts The enthusiasm is good, which is good for the consumption of refractory products such as magnesia.

Under the condition that the downstream demand has not improved, the price of magnesia products has risen under pressure, but the market of products with limited supply and better cost support is improving. Products with obvious oversupply need to continue to pay attention to demand entry and inventory consumption. In the long run, the magnesite industry continues to rectify the situation in the later stages of the development of magnesia products, and after the off-season of the steel market, with the increase of downstream demand, it may turn into a buyer’s market, and the price of magnesia will increase at that time.