On December 21, 2020, as the 100,000-ton ultra-high-power graphite electrode project of Baofang Carbon was partially put into production, it marked a solid step taken by the combination of China Baowu Group and Liaoning Fangda Group and marked the mixed ownership of the two parties. Reform and integrated development have yielded fruitful results. With Fangda Carbon as its core, Fangda Group’s carbon segment has achieved the world’s largest ambitious goal in terms of the production scale of carbon products. It currently owns the world’s largest carbon company with the largest monomer output and has become the world’s largest Czochralski silicon photovoltaic company. The world’s top three isostatic graphite suppliers, and the largest IC-level semiconductor crystal pulling supplier in China.

In February 2021, Fangda Carbon had 5 patents authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, and by May, 4 more scientific research achievements were granted national patents.

Since the beginning of 2021, Fangda Carbon has made a major breakthrough in the transformation of graphene scientific research results. The company has used the graphene composite functional non-woven fabric that has won the “Excellent Product Award” of the 22nd China International High-tech Fair to produce “graphene”. “Masks” new protective products have begun mass production and put on the market, becoming a new type of anti-epidemic “weapon”. Fangda Carbon has been developing graphene since 2009, building a pilot line for graphene preparation and conducting research on applied technology. In 2019, the company and Lanzhou University jointly established the Fangda Carbon Graphene Research Institute to comprehensively deploy the R&D and production of the graphene industry, and promote industrial transformation and sustainable development of the graphene industry.

Recently, Fangda Carbon’s new high-pressure impregnation and secondary roasting tunnel kiln project with a total investment of 110 million yuan has entered the installation and commissioning stage and will soon be put into operation.

Entering the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, Fangda Carbon continued to play triumphant songs, and high-quality development has been steadily steadily steadily progressing. Since officially joining Liaoning Fangda Group on September 28, 2006, Fangda Carbon has embarked on a new development path and opened a new chapter from a struggling company on the Northwest Plateau.

Fangda Carbon closely relies on Fangda Group’s excellent corporate governance philosophy and the injection of the “Party Building as the Soul” corporate culture, and with the vitality of the flexible and efficient mechanism after the restructuring, the company’s business performance has achieved a historic breakthrough. With its advantages in scientific and technological innovation, technological transformation, and productivity enhancement, it has developed into a world-leading production and supply base for high-quality carbon products and a domestic research and production base for nuclear-related carbon materials.

Qilian is towering, and Huangshui is rising. Fangda Carbon, why does this “carbon kingdom” dominating the northwest lead the carbon industry? What kind of high-quality development history has you experienced?

Focus on industry and seek development

Fangda Carbon was formerly known as Lanzhou Carbon Factory, which was founded in 1965. In April 2001, the enterprise concentrated its high-quality assets and initiated the establishment of Lanzhou Hailong New Material Technology Co., Ltd., and it was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in August 2002. In September 2006, Liaoning Fangda Group acquired 51.62% of Hailong Technology through auction. In January 2007, with the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, Lanzhou Hailong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was renamed Fangda Carbon New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

In the year after the restructuring, Fangda Carbon realized a turnaround. Through the introduction of the Fangda Group’s advanced corporate culture and management system and mechanism, a huge investment in equipment upgrades, reinstallation, and enterprise development have entered a fast lane. Over the past ten years, the company has undergone earth-shaking changes. The annual production capacity has increased from less than 35,000 tons before the restructuring to the current annual output of 154,000 tons. From a large tax debtor before the restructuring, it has developed into one of the top 100 tax-paying enterprises in Gansu Province, and has ranked first in Gansu Province in earning foreign exchange through exports for many years.

In order to become bigger and stronger, Fangda Carbon has successively injected high-quality assets such as Fushun Carbon, Chengdu Carbon, Hefei Carbon, and Rongguang Carbon into Fangda Carbon. At present, it has Fushun Carbon, Rongguang Carbon, Hefei Carbon, Chengdu Carbon, etc. Fushun Laihe Mining, Fushun Fangda High-tech, Fangda Sikemo, Jiangsu Fangda and other more than ten subsidiaries, and established overseas subsidiaries in Russia, South Korea, etc., has become the world’s largest production and supply base of high-quality carbon products, domestically involved Nuclear carbon material research and production base, domestic graphene and other new material research and production bases, formed the carbon sector, one of the four core businesses of Fangda Group.

From Lanzhou in the northwest to Fushun in the northeast, from Hefei in the east to Chengdu in the southwest, Fangda Group’s carbon sector spans the vast territory of the motherland. From proudly standing in the domestic market to the international market, history has witnessed the sonorous step of the carbon sector to become the world’s largest. Under the strong leadership of the Fangda Group and the care and guidance of Chairman Fang Wei of the Group’s board of directors, although the companies in the carbon segment are geographically different and their production scales are different, they have close coordination and complementary advantages, forming a large corps for combat and development. Tired. In 2019, Fangda Carbon was shortlisted in Forbes magazine’s “Global 2000 Listed Companies” rankings, and in the 2019 China Private Enterprise Manufacturing Top 500 List, and is the only listed company in Gansu to be included in the China Top 500 Listed Companies by Market Value in 2020 The company has become a leader in revitalizing the national carbon industry and even the world carbon industry.

Technological innovation, build hard core strength

On December 1, 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China announced the 2020 National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise List, and Fangda Carbon is on the list. This is another gratifying achievement that the company has obtained after its technology center was jointly identified as a national enterprise technology center by five national ministries and commissions.

As a national high-tech enterprise, a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, a leading enterprise in the national science and technology innovation base, and a key enterprise in strategic emerging industries in Gansu Province, Fangda Carbon has established and improved the research and development, production, Quality, equipment, safety, environmental protection, occupational health and other management systems, obtained nuclear safety equipment manufacturing license, CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate, ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certificates, etc., the overall process Technical capabilities have reached the international advanced level.

The company has strengthened R&D cooperation with Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Lanzhou University, Hunan University, Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou University of Technology and other well-known domestic research institutes to jointly build “Tsinghua University Fangda Carbon Nuclear Graphite R&D Center” and “Lanzhou University” “Fangda Carbon Graphene Research Institute” and other innovation platforms focus on core business and core technology, and continue to consolidate and strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises in technological innovation.

To achieve the transformation from “manufacturing” to “creation“, to make the company bigger, stronger and more refined, and become a world-class carbon company. This is the strategic development goal of Fangda Carbon. Adhering to more than 50 years of experience in carbon product research and development and production, the company is driven by technological innovation, relying on technological progress and fine management to accelerate product structure adjustment, optimize resource allocation, give full play to equipment advantages, focus on improving product quality, and benchmark international first-class products. Build the Fangda brand, form a brand management strategy, build a hard core strength, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and firmly follow the path of sustainable development and international development that is technologically innovative, resource-saving and environment-friendly.

Green development, environmental protection first produces a multiplicative effect

Fangda Carbon has always regarded safety and environmental protection as the lifeline of the company, adhered to the concept of “treating the ecological environment like life”, and strictly implemented the Chairman Fang Wei of the Board of Directors of Fangda Group, “Southern enterprises must build ecological forest tourism. According to the recommendations, environmental protection technological transformation projects should be “higher than the national standard, and ensure that they will not lag behind in ten or even twenty years, and must reach the advanced level of developed countries.” The goal of the company is fully promoted and strives to create a “green carbon”.

In order to further improve the company’s environmental management performance and effectively reduce pollutant emissions, the company has formulated internal control pollutant emission standards. For various air pollutants, it has determined pollutant emission limits far below the national emission standard limits. Control the discharge concentration of pollutants and strive to reduce the amount of pollutants discharged.

In terms of air pollution prevention and control, the company started from the transformation of old environmental protection facilities and the prevention and control of dust pollution, and implemented the new electric dust removal project of the ring furnace of the roasting plant, the new ring furnace suction crane project, and the compressed asphalt library asphalt A series of environmental protection technological transformation projects such as the flue gas treatment expansion project. Through the implementation of various environmental protection technological transformation projects, the equipment level of the company’s environmental protection treatment facilities has been effectively improved, the discharge of various pollutants has been effectively controlled, and the discharge of various pollutants has been guaranteed.

In recent years, the company has continuously strengthened its environmental monitoring capabilities and purchased environmental monitoring equipment and supporting facilities such as automatic smoke and dust (gas) testers, air/intelligent TSP integrated samplers (electronic flowmeters), and noise monitors. The installation of online monitoring facilities for kiln waste gas further strengthened the company’s environmental monitoring capabilities, provided data support for the company’s environmental protection equipment management and pollutant management, and ensured that the company’s environmental management work was carried out steadily.

According to statistics, the company spent more than 100 million yuan in environmental protection renovation. In 2018 alone, the company invested a huge investment of 129 million yuan, implemented more than 30 environmental protection technological transformation projects, and spent 15 million yuan to build a “garden-like factory” to green the plant area. Carrying out the overall planning and transformation, the greening rate of the company’s factory area has reached more than 30%. After the wastewater balance transformation, the company has achieved zero discharge of industrial wastewater by the end of 2018.

Fangda Carbon has done a good job in environmental protection, taking the creation of a “garden-like factory”, promoting cleaner production, carrying out 5S management, and building environmental protection standardization enterprises as its starting point, fulfilling its social responsibility for environmental protection, bravely being the pioneer of environmental protection development in the carbon industry, and creating a beautiful ecological business card. It adds unlimited power to the sustainable development of the company.

Welfare and warm heart, unite the greatest common divisor of development

“Employees’ yearning for a better life is the goal of the company.” “Fangda Development is for employees, and Fangda Development relies on employees, and Fangda’s development results are shared by employees.” These concepts have always been the value of Fangda’s enterprise.

“My mother was seriously ill and the hospitalization cost was as high as 150,000 yuan, which made our previously not wealthy family worse. Fortunately, the company reimbursed nearly 70,000 yuan for medical expenses in two times. Let us regain confidence in a better life. “Master Li, an employee of Fangda Carbon Roasting Plant, said gratefully.

A while ago, Master Li’s mother was hospitalized for surgery because of a malignant tumor of the esophagus. Faced with the high surgical treatment cost of more than 150,000 yuan and the unknown chemotherapy cost in the later period, this strong young man was helpless. In order not to burden the family with too much financial difficulties, the mother once had to give up treatment. When the whole family was worried about the high cost of treatment, the relevant leaders of the company came to him and told him to treat his mother with peace of mind. After his mother’s hospitalization was reimbursed within the medical insurance plan, the remaining part of the company was reimbursed in full. This brought hope for life to his family.

The implementation of medical assistance for employees (including spouses, children, parents) and retired employees is one of Fangda’s many benefits. In addition, Fangda Group has successively introduced a series of welfare policies such as major holiday benefits, free working meals, allotment of mobile phones and telephone fee subsidies, Fangda pension, Fangwei inspirational scholarship, filial parent allowance, basic salary increase, etc. Let employees feel that “one person is in Fangda, the whole family is guaranteed”, so that employees have a strong sense of belonging and a strong momentum for development. From 2010 to 2020, Fangda Group’s expenditure on related welfare policies exceeded 2.4 billion yuan. A care and love warms every employee and cares for every employee’s family. The happiness of employees is constantly rising, and I fully feel the pride of being a Fang Da.

At Fangda Carbon, the company’s trade unions adhere to the theme of “gathering strength, improving skills, demonstrating style, and embodying care” with party building leading industrial construction and team building, and actively explore new methods and new ideas for enterprise trade union management, creating a A harmonious, warm, happy and happy home.

The company has established a system of condolences and assistance for party members in difficulties and employees with serious illnesses to help party members and employees who are suffering from serious illnesses and employees, and strive to solve the problems that need to be solved most by employees in difficulties, so that they can truly feel the warmth and care of the party organization. During holidays such as the Spring Festival each year, we send warmth to employees in need and visit and sympathize with the families of employees in need. The company closely integrates corporate management and production and operation work, organizes and mobilizes the masses of employees to carry out a series of positive activities such as labor competitions, skill competitions, technological innovations, etc., to inspire the spirit of employees, stabilize the team, consolidate the foundation of the company, and improve the competitiveness of the company’s market. To a positive role in promoting.

After fifteen years of hard work, from small steps to high-quality development, to leading the carbon industry, Fangda Carbon has rewritten history and created miracles. All employees of Fangda Carbon will take the long march of the new era with an unswerving mental state and an indomitable attitude of struggle, and make greater efforts for Fangda Group to sprint into the world’s top 500, and to achieve the goal of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. Strive unremittingly for the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

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