Scope of application: sandblasting, polishing, grinding

Wet Ball Milling Green Silicon Carbide

Wet ball mill green silicon carbide refers to the micron silicon carbide powder that is superfinely pulverized and classified using JZFZ equipment. Since silicon carbide micropowder is mainly used in the abrasive industry, there are special requirements for the classification of the micropowder. There can be no large particles in the micropowder. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of international and domestic products, JZF classification equipment is generally used for high-precision classification.

Green silicon carbide powder is green, crystal structure, high hardness, strong cutting ability, stable chemical properties, and good thermal conductivity. The microscopic shape is hexagonal crystal. The Mohs hardness of silicon carbide is 9.2, the Vickers microhardness is 3000-3300 kg/mm2, the Knoop hardness is 2670-2815 kg/mm, and the microhardness is 3300 kg/mm3. It is higher than corundum in abrasives and second only to diamond, cubic boron nitride and boron carbide. The density is generally considered to be 3.20 g/mm3, the natural bulk density of the silicon carbide abrasive is between 1.2-1.6 g/mm3, and the specific gravity is 3.20~3.25. Green silicon carbide is made from petroleum coke and silica as the main raw materials, adding salt as an additive, and smelted at high temperature in a resistance furnace. Its hardness is between corundum and diamond, and its mechanical strength is higher than corundum.

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