What is the graphite electrode production process ?

What is the graphite electrode production process ?

The main graphite electrode production process are as follows:

(1) Calcination. Both petroleum coke and pitch coke need calcination, calcining temperature should be up to 1350 ℃, with full removal of carbonaceous materials containing volatile, improve the coke true density, mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.

(2) Crushing, screening and ingredients. Will be burnt carbonaceous material crushing and screening into a specified size of aggregate particles, and part of the coke ground into a fine powder, according to the formula after weighing the agglomeration of dry mixture of various kinds of particles.

(3) Kneading. Under heating condition to quantitative dry mixture of particles and the immersion, the binder paste kneading into plasticity.

(4) Moulding. Under external pressure (extrusion) or high frequency vibration, use the (vibration molding) will paste was compressed into a certain shape and relatively high density, electrode (green).

(5) Baking. Put green electrode in special baking furnace, using metallurgical coke powder opposite electrodes, filling and cover, under the high temperature of 1250 ℃ or so make glue adhesives coking produce coking, thus made baked charcoal burning quality, and the electrode.

(6) Impregnation. In order to improve the density of the electrode products and mechanical strength, the baking electrodes into high voltage equipment, the liquid press the impregnant pitch into electrodes inside the pores, should be second baking after impregnation. According to the product performance requirements, sometimes impregnation and the second baking 2-3 times should be carried out repeatedly.

(7) Graphitization. Put baked electrode in graphitizing furnace, cover heat preservation material, using direct electrical high-temperature heating mode, under the high temperature of 2200 ~ 3000 ℃ will be converted carbon electrode into a structure of graphite electrode.

(8) Mechanical processing. According to the demands of the graphite electrode, blank surface turning, flat end face and connected with the screw hole processing, and processing nipples.

(9) Appropriate packing graphite electrode after inspection, send to the user.

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