What is the size of general refractory brick?

General refractory brick: refers to the straight brick, side thick wedge brick, vertical thick wedge brick, vertical wide wedge brick and arch foot brick used for straight wall brick and radial brick of industrial furnace and other thermal equipment. The size of general refractory brick, i.e. T-3 refractory brick, is 230 * 113 * 65. The size of national standard and ministerial standard is similar. Length x width x thickness T-1: 172 * 114 * 65; T-2: 230 * 114 * 32; T-3: 230 * 114 * 65; T-4, which is suitable for most non special buildings. Introduce several other common refractory brick sizes.

For example, the size of refractory brick with brick No. t-46 is A275 B230 C150 E80 D15 A60° volume 6565 weight (clay brick) 13.5 weight (semi silica brick) 13.1 weight (semi silica brick) 12.5;

The size of refractory brick with brick No. T-47 is A275 B230 c450 E80 D15 A60° Volume 19695 weight (clay brick) 40.4 weight (semi silica brick) 39.4 weight (semi silica brick) 37.5;

The size of refractory brick with brick No. t-48 is A275 b275 C150 E65 D65 A45° volume 8040 weight (clay brick) 16.5 weight (semi silica brick) 16.1 weight (semi silica brick) 15.3.

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